Common problems

  • If your TV or Digibox freezes or acts weirdly, remove the power cord from the socket for about 15 seconds and put it back. If the device still isn't acting normally, do a factory reset and calibrate the channels (see device manual for instructions). If these methods don't resolve the issue, the device needs repairs and should be brought to our shop for closer inspection. 

  •  If you have a separate Digibox and your TV is missing sound or picture, or both. First check that the cable connecting the digibox to the TV is properly connected. If the problem persist and the cable working, do as instructed above.

  • If the device is responding slowly to commands from the remote controller, change the remote controllers batteries.

  • If the device crackles and/or the picture is distorted into pixels, the problem usually is in the antenna cable, signal amplifier or the antenna it self. Make sure the antenna cable is properly connected and that the amplifier is turned on. 

  • If the device still isn't working properly give us a call, we're glad to help!     

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